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The Strongest Girl in the World

The Strongest Girl in the World is an autobiographical solo performance about the playwright's experience losing a parent at the age of 10. The play explores loss of innocence, memory, and self discovery through the narrative of a young girl attending summer camp.

This play was performed at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol.

The play will be performed at Bread and Roses Theatre in London, June 1-3rd, 2023

The play will be performed at Greenside Studios during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August of 2023.

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Seeing You

Seeing You is a short audio play that follows two thirty year old New Yorkers as they navigate the world of online dating. This romantic comedy asks, "is Norah Ephron's New York a thing of the past?"

Seeing You was featured on Upload at BBC Bristol in March 2023.

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It's Not Goodbye It's Just Goodnight

Set at an American summer camp, It's Not Goodbye It's Just Goodnight follows five, 12 year old girls as they are thrust into adulthood. A raw, emotional, and funny look at the growing pains that never quite heal.

An excerpt of this play was performed as a part of Writer's Bloc at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

The play was performed at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx, NY in November 2022.

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When There's Nothing Left to Burn

Catherine and Eliana had a passionate and tumultuous relationship in college. After the death of Eliana's mother Judy, a now 40 year old Catherine must confront her past and reconnect with Eliana.

This piece was developed by the Cherry Picking play festival, and Erika Phoebus's writer's workshop.

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Snap Gram of Dorian Gray

The Alma Tavern Theatre, October 2022

In the world of social media, where image is everything, Dorian’s currency has an expiration date. Young and impossibly beautiful, he dreads the day when his boyish good looks leave him.  So, when his artist friend, Basil, takes a mesmerizingly gorgeous photo of him, Dorian wishes for the image carry the burden of age and conscience instead of himself. But, is a life free of wisdom and morality really worth living?

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